Welcome to my site

On this site you will discover who I am, what osteopathy is,
and the answers to the questions you may have
regarding this alternative health practice.

Why osteopathy? Have you already asked yourself this question?

You have aches and pains that other therapies have not cured .
You have back pain (lumbago, dorsal pain or cervical pain), joint or muscular pain.
Perhaps you have a digestive disorder, menstrual cramps, headaches, sinusitis or recurrent otitis.

Finally, you want to get and stay healthy.

Osteopathy can help. I can help you.

Osteopathy is also recommended for pregnant women and babies:
You are having a difficult pregnancy. Your baby is not sleeping at night, cries for no particular reasons, has acid reflux and/or colic.
I specialized in osteopathy for children. Please feel free to contact me for more information.

I invite you to use my website to help you understand the different mechanisms of osteopathy, and how it can help you.


Enjoy your visit!
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