Progress of a session

An osteopathy session lasts between 45 min and 1 hour, which includes several steps:

  • A precise and detailed examination of different backgrounds (medical, surgical, family history, ...) but also on the basis of consultation and the general state of health.
  • An observation of how the patient stands and moves.
  • A palpatory examination in order for a complete evaluation of the different structures and body systems in order to establish an osteopathic diagnosis.
  • An osteopathic treatment using gentle manual techniques.
  • Advice on lifestyle choices and appropriate exercise to work in tandem with treatment for maximum results.


The rate for osteopathic treatment is 105$ taxes included per session.
For children and babies, the rate is 80$ taxes included per session.
You may pay by check or cash.

A receipt on demand will be give for insurance or tax.

Consultation by appointment.
Please be kind enough to prevent 24 hours in advance of any change to avoid consultation costs.